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Ship Classes
In Delta Quadrant: Horizons, there are several classes of ship that can be researched and built. Each class has advantages and disadvantages that you must learn to exploit if you wish to build a successful fleet.

While small ships are cheap, and available near the start. These ships have little space, and can carry less weaponry and equipment than a larger ship. Large ships however are slow, and require more advanced engines to keep up with the smaller ships, and this can hold your entire fleet back. They are also less evasive, and this makes them easier for enemy attacks to hit.

Ship classes
A small, fast, remote control ship, often used for exploration.
12 0 2 20 10 30%
Dropships used for transporting your troops into battle. Required for planetary invasion.
5 0 200 1.5× 1.5× 4000 45 1%
Colony Ship
Large ships used for starting a colony on a new world.
0 0 200 2000 10 0.1%
Very light war ships that provide a little attack power, for a very low cost.
8 100 600 6000 130 1%
Light war ships that can carry more equipment than a corvette. Often used by smaller empires and to add extra weight to larger fleets, for a relatively low cost.
6 60 1200 22800 505 0.7%
Medium sized war ships that can hold a range of weapons and equipment. They often form the bulk of medium sized empires' fleets, and are quite cheap to build.
4 60 4200 22800 280 0.7%
Large war ships commonly used by larger empires. Can carry a variety of equipment and weapons. A little expensive, but their size makes them useful for many situations.
2 15 7800 20× 12× 120400 2005 0.46%
Very large and heavy war ships, used by large empires. They are expensive to build, but will hold plenty of weaponry and equipment. They have a wide range of military uses.
1 15 24000 20× 40× 120400 1030 0.46%
Huge war ships used by the largest empires, to show their military might. Very expensive to build, but have a huge amount of space for weapons and equipment.
0 0 38400 64× 64× 386000 4855 0.38%
'Wasp' Corvette
Those ships look like corvettes, but once the battle starts their true strength is very obvious. They can erase cruisers from existence without getting their paint chipped.
12 140 4200 12000 130 2%
This is no ship, it's a flying space station. These vessels will slice and dice Titans, and then serve them for dinner.
-34 0 80000 640× 640× 1200000 9655 0.3%
Super Nova
A ship loaded with Super Nova Module.Destroys everything in a certain range from selected system. Some outer planets might survive in form of asteroids. Effect area depends on star type and size.
-30 0 80000 2500× 2500× 1400000 45 0.5%
A ship loaded with Nova Module. Destroys everything in system. Some outer planets might survive in form of asteroids.
-30 0 80000 2500× 2500× 1000000 45 0.5%
A ship loaded with Singularity module.Generates a Black Hole. Black Hole radius depends on star type and size.
-30 0 80000 2500× 2500× 2000000 45 0.5%
Mobile Terraformer
A ship loaded with a terraforming module. Transforms a planet to a Super Planet.
-30 0 80000 2500× 2500× 1000000 45 0.5%
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