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Buildings are a vital part of your empire's economy. They produce everything your empire needs, provide a place for your population to work, as well as many other services.

Buildings are separated into two main types, Orbital and Ground based. The two types function differently due to their location, however they perform the same types of service.

Separate from these two types, buildings are also categorized by the job that they do. There are many types of building, from farming and production, to waste disposal and defences.

Farming Farming buildings produce food for the planet where they are built.
Industry Industrial buildings provide production points for the planet where they are built.
Science Science buildings produce research points for your empire.
Health Health buildings are separated into two types, those that increase max population on a planet such as biospheres, and those that increase population growth rate , such as the Cloning Medical Center.
Military Military buildings will intercept attackers and help defend your planet. Without defences your planet is an easy target to enemies. Some military buildings also train and hold Soldiers, Mechs and Fighters.
Economy Economy buildings increase the amount of income that you earn from each spare unit of food or production made on the planet where they are built.
Maintenance Maintenance buildings decrease your planet's overall maintenance costs, helping your planet run more efficiently.
Ecology Ecology buildings remove pollution from the environment, making your planet healthier and more productive.
Planetary Planetary buildings/processes are those that influence an entire planet. A good example would be terraforming. This improves the planet's class, giving it a more stable atmosphere, and making it more suitable for supporting life.

In order for some buildings to be of use, or reach their maximum potential, specialists must be assigned to work in them.

Each building does not have its own specialists, instead assigning a specialist to a particular task, such as farming or production will affect all buildings of that type on the same planet. This means that if you have 3 farming buildings on the same planet, and you assign a single specialist to farming, then all 3 buildings will receive a boost in their output, if they are buildings that require specialists.

Other buildings are fully automatic, and do not require any specialists to be assigned to their particular task in order to work. These buildings will work the same no matter what assignments you set.

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