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Battles form a major part of Delta Quadrant: Horizons. Empires must fight their rivals for glory and supremacy to claim their position as the greatest empire in the galaxy.

Battles are rarely decided in a single turn, they can last for many turns, depending on the size and strength of the forces involved. During a battle empires can bring in reinforcements, reorganise their fleets and change strategies. Fleets can even retreat from battle if necessary.

Battles in Delta Quadrant: Horizons are split into three main categories: Space Battles, Bombardment and Invasion.

Space battles involve fleets from two or more empires that are in orbit of the same star. For a space battle to start, at least one side must initiate it. This can be done in several ways. See Fleet Tactics section for details.

Bombardment involves fleets from one empire bombarding a planet in an attempt to destroy another empire's colony. Bombardment can only be initiated by a fleet with ships equipped with bombs. To start bombardment the fleet must be given the command to bombard the planet. The battle is split into two separate attacks that happen simultaneously.

The fleet will be attacked by any fleets in the system owned by the defending empire, as well as the target planet's defences. Once the fleet and orbital defences are defeated, it will attack any other orbital buildings.

At the same time as the orbital battle, the attacking fleet will also drop bombs over the planet.

If during the battle all population and troops from the defending empire are destroyed, the planet will be lost and revert to an unoccupied planet. Its buildings will no longer participate in the battle.

If during the battle all attacking ships with bombardment capability are lost, before the planet is cleared, then the bombing stage will end, and the bombardment will fail.

In either case, if any part of both the defending fleet/defences and attacking fleet survive, the fleets will continue to battle until one side is destroyed or retreats.

There are two categories of bombs in Delta Quadrant: Horizons. The first type causes damage to all targets on the ground, including buildings, population and troops. The second type are biological, and do not destroy buildings, but destroy population and troops only. If a planet is cleared with the second type, the buildings remain on the planet if it is colonized in future.

Note: When viewing the damage value of bombs, values will either be given as an exact number, or as a percentage (%). If the value is an exact number, then this type of bomb causes damage to all targets, if it is a percentage (%) then it will only harm population and troops.

Note: Bombs might be intercepted by planetary defenses. Intercepted bombs will be counted as target miss.

Invasion involves a fleet from one empire trying to capture a planet from another. Invasion can only be initiated by a fleet that has dropships. To start the invasion the fleet must be given the command to invade the planet. The battle is split into two separate stages, first the orbital battle and then the ground based battle.

The attacking fleet will first be intercepted by any fleets in the system owned by the defending empire, and if the attacking fleet survives will next attack orbital defences. Until the defending fleet and orbital defences are cleared, the dropships can not safely land, and remain part of the fleet, and may take damage along with all other ships in the fleet (depends on formation).

Once the orbital defences are cleared, the dropships will land and drop troops onto the planet's surface. The planet's troops will fight back against the invaders, until the troops from one side are destroyed.

If the troops of the defending planet are destroyed, the invasion will be a success and the planet will be captured by the attacker. Any remaining buildings and population will be captured.

If the troops from the attacking empire are destroyed, the invasion will fail and the planet will remain under the control of the defending empire.

Troops and Transports

- Transports

Transports (also known as drop ships) are a special class of ship used for transporting your troops into battle. Depending on the technologies your empire has, your transports will be loaded with various types of troops. These are soldiers, mechs and fighters.

Note: In order to build transports (drop ships) you must first research the 'Orbital Dropship Ship Class' technology.

Also note: It does not matter when your transports were built, once you research the necessary technologies they will automatically be upgraded to contain mechs or fighters.

- Soldiers

Soldiers (also known as Marrines) are the standard type of troops, and are normal humans equipped for war. All transports contain 4 soldiers be default, and they require no extra research to use.

- Mechs

Mechs are automated fighting machines, designed for ground based combat. If you have researched Armor Barracks then all of your transports will contain 2 mechs.

- Fighters

Fighters are small aircraft used for attacking other troops. If you have researched Fighter Garrison then all of your transports will contain 1 fighter.

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