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Officers & Governors
Ruling an empire can be a huge task. A good leader knows to delegate responsibilities. In Delta Quadrant: Horizons you can hire officers and governors, who will provide great benefits for your empire.

You can hire and manage officers and governors from the Officers and Governors screen.

Officers and Governors Screen
The officers and governors screen can be accessed by clicking the Officers and Governors icon at the top of the game screen.

The screen is separated into three sections.

The first section labeled 'Empire Officers and Governors' gives an overview of your currently hired officer and governor. Here you can view their details and skills.

The other two sections are lists of the officers and governors available for hire, along with their details and skills. If you find an officer/governor you would like to hire, click the 'Hire' button next to their name, and then again on the confirmation screen.

Note: Your officer and governor require paying each turn. The amount they must be paid depends on their skills. If you do not have enough money to pay your officer/governor then they will leave your empire after 150 unpaid turns. If this happens they will return to the list of available officers/governors, and keep any skills they have learnt. You may hire them again, unless another empire hires them first.

Also Note: If you hire another officer/governor while you already have one hired, then you current officer/governor will be lost.

Also Note: New officers and governors are randomly generated most turns, if you can’t find one you wish to hire, check back later. Also, any officer/governor who is in the list of available officers/governors for a long time will eventually be removed.

Experience and Level-up
Officers and governors gain experience over time, and from various achievements made by your empire, see the Governors and Officers sections below for details. Once they gain enough experience they will level up, enabling them to learn a new skill, or improve a skill they already have.

You can view the current experience and required experience, as well as manage the learning of new skills from the 'Empire Officers and Governors' tab of the Officers and Governors screen.

On this page you will notice a bar beside the name of your officer/governor that displays their progress. If they are ready to level up, this bar will be full and turn green, while displaying a 'Level up' message. In this case you will also see below, in the skills section that new options have become available.

Level-up Current Abilities
The ‘Abilities’ section of the list displays, as normal, the officer/governor’s current skills. However, depending on the ability's level and max level, it may allow you to level them up.

If any of your current abilities are capable of levelling further, then a green ‘Free’ button will be displayed by one of them, click this to level that ability for free. Any other abilities capable of levelling up will have a red ‘15 button beside it, if you choose to level this ability then it will cost 15 . It is up to you whether to use the free option, or pay a little for a more useful/convenient ability upgrade.

Note: Only one ability will have the ‘free’ option, this is chosen at random and cannot be changed.

Learn New Abilities
During level up, below your officer/governor’s current abilities will also be displayed a new section named ‘New Abilities’. Here you may have your officer/governor learn any skill they do not currently possess. Learning any new skill will cost 50 , even if you have no current skills to upgrade.

Governors oversee and manage your colonies’ general operations. Depending on their skills they will provide benefits to various processes such as production, farming or waste management. Below is a list of all governor skills and the effect they have on your colonies’ operation.
Level Bonus Max Level
Increase colony food production.
50 10
Increase colony production output.
50 10
Increase colony research output.
15 10
Increase colony population growth rate. Each 5 levels adds 1 max population to all colonies.
0.5% 10
Decrease colony maintenance costs. Also decrease overall fleet maintenance costs.
-5% 10
Decrease colony pollution. Each 5 levels adds 1 max population to all colonies.
-100 10
Farming Leader
Increase food produced by a farmer.
2 10
Labor Leader
Increase production output of a worker.
2 10
Science Leader
Increase research output of a scientist.
3 10
Increase colony income. Also adding additional income each turn.
10% 10

Governors' Experience
Governors gain a little experience automatically over time, they also gain much more in the following ways:

Researching new technologies.

Construction of buildings.

Officers manage your empire’s military and intelligence. Depending on their skills they will provide benefits to various areas of your military, such as weapons’ power and ship speeds. Below is a list of all governor skills and the effect they have on your military’s operation.
Level Bonus Max Level
Bomber Pilot
Increase bombs damage.
1.5% 40
Fighter Pilot
Increase ship beams damage.
1.5% 40
Assault Pilot
Increase ship torpedoes damage.
1.5% 40
Increase ship speed.
1 20
Increase troop damage.
1 20
Increase defence buildings damage.
1.5% 40
Spy master
Increase spy attack.
1 20
Increase spy defense.
1 20
Chance to kill an enemy spy each turn.
1% 50

Officers' Experience
Officers gain a little experience automatically over time, they also gain much more in the following ways:

Construction of ships.
Destroying enemy ships.
Exploring star systems.
Performing intelligence missions.
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