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Fleets form a major part of Delta Quadrant: Horizons. You must learn to use them to their fullest if you are to build a successful military, and spread your influence throughout the stars.

Fleets require Ships in order to exist, and every fleet must have at least one ship. If it does not, then the fleet will be deleted at the end of the current turn. On the flip side, all ships must belong to a fleet. Even if there is only one ship in a fleet. All newly constructed ships belong to their own fleet by default.

You can create, merge and rename fleets from the Fleets Management Screen .

Creating Fleets
As mentioned above, you can create a fleet by building a new ship. However, you can also create a new empty fleet from the Fleets Management Screen. On this screen you must first select () an existing fleet from the left, and then, in the top right, enter a name for the new fleet, then click 'Create'. This will create a new, empty fleet in the same location as the fleet you currently have selected.

Note: Your new empty fleet will be deleted at the end of the turn if no ships are moved into it by this time.

Ships can then be moved into this fleet as normal, see Moving Ships Between Fleets below.

Moving Ships Between Fleets
You can move ships from one fleet to another in two ways. The first method allows you to specifically choose the ships that you move, where the second involves merging two or more fleets.

In order to move specific ships from one fleet to another, start by accessing the Fleets Management Screen. Next, find and select () the fleet that contains the ship(s) you wish to move. To the right of this will then display a list of all other fleets that are currently in the same system as the selected fleet.

In order to move ships, click and drag the ship class name from the left menu, and drop it over the name of the fleet (on the right column) that you wish to move the ships into. You will then be prompted to enter how many ships you wish to move. You can move all ships if you wish, or just some. Click 'Transfer' when you are ready, and the ships will be transferred.

Merging Fleets
Fleets can also be merged. When fleets merge, all ships from the merging fleets join into a single fleet. This can be a good way of joining many separate fleets at once.

Fleets can be joined either from the Fleets Management Screen, or from the Galaxy Map. In order to merge fleets, all merging fleets must be idle in the same star system.

Merging Fleets from the Fleets Management Screen
From the left menu of the Fleets Management Screen, select () a fleet that is idle in the system where you wish to merge fleets. To the right will display a list of all fleets that are idle in the same system.

On the far right side of this list, click the merge icon , and this will merge all fleets from the same location, into the fleet by who's name you clicked the merge icon.

Renaming Fleets
In order to rename a fleet, enter the Fleets Management Screen, and you will see a icon by each fleet name on the left. Click this icon by the fleet you wish to rename, and then enter a new name for the fleet. Click 'Rename Fleet' when you are done.

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