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Players' achievements within Delta Quadrant: Horizons are used to calculate their scores and ranking on the score board. These are updated each time a round ends.

You may view the scores of the top 50 players here, or by clicking the 'Scores' link on the main page.

Special Win Condition
If an empire conquers all Guardian Planets and hold them continually for 100 turns the Round will end and the conquerer will be considered The Winner of this round.

If an alliance conquers all Guardian Planets and hold them continually for 100 turns the Round will end.

Awarded Points
Your all time score and current score are recalculated and can change at the end of each round of Delta Quadrant: Horizons. The amount it changes depends on your position on the galaxy score board at the end of that round.

After these are awarded, the remaining top 50% of players are awarded between 1 and 100 points. The exact amount awarded depends on your position, and the number of other surviving empires in the galaxy. The remaining bottom 50% of players gain no points.

Current Score & All Time Score
For each player, two scores are kept, these are Current Score and All Time Score.

Your all time score shows the combined result of all achievements you have ever made within Delta Quadrant: Horizons.

Your current score shows the combined result of your more recent achievements, this decreases over time, so to keep it high you must continue to play and do well within Delta Quadrant: Horizons.

Like with score, you have two different ranks within Delta Quadrant: Horizons, these are your Current Rank and All Time Rank.

Current rank depends on your current score in relation to the current score of all other players. Likewise, all time rank depends on your all time score in relation to the all time score of all other players.

On the Delta Quadrant: Horizons score board, players are ordered by current rank. Only the most skilled and determined players can claim and hold the top positions as their own.

Other Statistics
As well as score and rank, a few other statistics are displayed on the all time score page. These include the total number of guardian planets you held at the end of all rounds, the number of rounds you have won (first place at end of round), and the number of times you have been defeated.
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