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In Delta Quadrant: Horizons, you must research many technologies in order to advance your empire. You research technologies using research points that are made by your scientists and science buildings. These points can be used to progress along the tech tree, and research new technologies.

The tech tree contains all technologies that can be researched in Delta Quadrant: Horizons. It is divided into several paths, each related to a different area of science. You are free to progress along these paths in any order you wish. However certain technologies have prerequisites that you must have researched first.

You may view a version of the tech tree here, or access the in game version from the 'Research and Technologies Screen'.

The Research and Technologies Screen allows you to manage your empires research.

This page has two views, Grid View and Tree View . Each has its benefits, and you will probably make use of both.

Grid View
By default the Research and Technologies Screen shows in Grid View. However if you wish to return to it, you can do so by clicking in the top right corner of the research screen.

Grid View displays all technologies that are currently available to research. These are the technologies that you have all necessary prerequisites for. The technologies are organised into columns, depending on the area they relate to, such as biology, engineering or warfare.

Tree View
Tree View can be accessed by clicking in the top right corner of the research screen.

Tree View displays the full technologies tree, including all completed, available and unavailable technologies. Technologies are organised into paths in which they can be researched.

Technologies are split into three types, each marked with a different background color. They also have a different colored border, depending on availability.

Research Type
- Theory

Theory is the most common type of research. Some theory techs result in new abilities, such as the ability to colonize planets, or build a new class of ship, while others are just steps towards a more advanced technology, and provide no immediate advantage.

- Building

Building techs allow you to construct a new type of building on your planets. Buildings enhance your colonies, often by providing defence or making them more productive. For more information see the Buildings page.

- Ship Component

Ship Component techs provide you with another component for your ships. More advanced technologies provide a greater effect on your ship. For more information see the Ship Components page.

- Completed (You already have this technology).

- Available for research (You can add this tech to the research queue).

- Not yet available (You do not have all prerequisites for this technology).

- In progress.

Technologies can have primary and secondary prerequisites. Primary requisites are shown by a previous technology (to the left) on a path. Secondary prerequisites are shown by a small image of another tech that must also be completed first.

Secondary prerequisites are marked with a small red or green circle on top of the image. Red indicates a technology you still need to research, green indicates that you have the necessary prerequisite.

Your empire can research only one technology at a time. However, you can place several items to queue, so that when one is complete, another will start. To add research item to queue, click the technology from the list of avaliable techs, and at the bottom of the page you will see details of this technology. Click the Proceed button and the item will be added to the research queue.

Moving and Removing Items in Queue
You can move items in the research queue, up and down. This will change the order in which they are researched.

You can also delete an item from queue by clicking , this will stop it from being researched.

If you move an item in queue, any progress made will be kept and it will continue the next time it moves to the top. However, if you delete an item from the queue, any progress will be lost.

Note: Any excess research points made when an item is completed will be lost, and do not continue to the next technology in the queue.

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