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The galaxy can be a dangerous place, but in Delta Quadrant: Horizons, you do not have to face these dangers alone. Empires may form alliances and fight together against their enemies.

Alliances exist for a single round only. Other players may request membership, by sending a request to the alliance leader, who is free to accept or decline any request as they wish.

When starting your empire is already in an alliance. You do not need to create a new one. You can join or accept join request any time.

Dissolving an alliance (Alliance Leaders Only)
If you are the leader of an alliance, you can dissolve it. In doing so, the alliance will cease to exist, and all members will return to their own alliance.

To dissolve an alliance, go to the 'Members' tab of the Alliance page, and click the 'Dissolve' button at the bottom of the page. Confirm and your alliance will be dissolved.

Accepting Alliance Requests (Alliance Leaders Only)
If you are the leader of an alliance, you may receive a request from another empire to join. These requests will be listed on the 'Members' tab of the Alliance Page, under 'Membership Candidates'.

You can accept, decline or ignore this request as you wish. To accept, click 'accept' to the left of the request, or to decline click to the right.

Joining an Alliance
To send a request, go to the alliance page, and find an alliance you would like to join. You can view information about each alliance, such as name, leader and the number of members. When you have decided, click 'Apply' and confirm, and a request will be sent to the alliance leader. The 'Apply' button will also change to 'Membership pending'. You must now wait for the alliance leader to either accept or decline your request.

If you wish to cancel your request click and the request will be cancelled.

- Before sending a join request to an alliance you must explore at least a colony from that alliance.
- You may send requests to multiple alliances at the same time. You will join the alliance that accepts your request first.
- Sending an alliance join request costs 50 . You will not get this back, even if your request is rejected, or if you cancel it yourself.
- When leaving an alliance you will not be able to join another for 1000 turns.
- Joining an alliance will cancel your protection period.

There are three possible relations between alliances. These are Non-aggression Pact (NAP), Neutral and War.

Non-aggression Pact (NAP)
A Non-aggression Pact (NAP) is an agreement between two alliances, not to attack each other. It does not stop you from attacking, but if you have agreed to one, you should abide by it. Any fleets you have with aggressive tactics will not attack fleets from an alliance that you have NAP with.

Neutral is the default relation. It means you have no special relation to the other alliance. Only fleets that have aggressive tactics will attack an alliance you are neutral with.

Note: You also return to neutral after cancelling a NAP, or accepting peace with another alliance.

If you are at war with another alliance, then you and/or they are actively seeking to destroy the other. You should prepare defences, and fleets both for defence and offence, and attack whenever you get the chance.

Note: You do not have to be at war in order to attack another alliance, but it makes the situation clear to all members if you declare war. Any fleets that have aggressive or guard tactics will automatically attack an empire you are at war with.

For more information about fleet tactics, see the Formations & Tactics page.

Changing Alliance Relation (Alliance Leader Only)
If you are the leader of an alliance you may change your relation to another alliance from the 'Relations' tab of the alliances page.

To declare war click , to propose a NAP click .

If you are already at war, you can propose peace by clicking , if you already have a NAP with an alliance, you may cancel it by clicking .

Note: Only an alliance leader may change relations to another alliance.

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