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Throughout the galaxy there are many great wonders. As well as stars and planets, there are also some more unusual objects, these are called Anomalies in Delta Quadrant: Horizons.


Wormholes are a mysterious ‘tunnels’ through space that can link distant places.

In Delta Quadrant: Horizons wormhole entrances are found in some star systems, although they are very rare. The wormhole will effectively link two star systems together, and will be shown as a purple line between the two systems on the galaxy map. Star systems that have a wormhole entrance will also have a wormhole image in the top right corner of the system information window (when you click an explored star on the galaxy map).

By entering a worm hole it is possible to travel to the other end in a single turn, allowing instant travel between the two ends. In order to use a wormhole, just command a fleet to move directly from the star at one end, to the star at the other, the journey will happen automatically the next turn.

Black holes

A Black Hole is a region of space that has so much mass concentrated in it, that there is no way for a nearby object to escape its gravitational pull. All objects that will pass nearby, will be destroyed by the Black Holes's gravitational forces. Natural Black Holes can be of any strength, while strength of players generated Black Holes depends on star size and class.

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